USA BANDO edged weapon instruction are ranked in superiority. Compare our full contact knife boxing classes and clinics to any other instructor or teacher. Learn how to defend yourself, friend or family with an edged weapon in a manner that will save your bacon not get it cut off~~~

No USA BANDO edged weapon systems is entirety taught to the public. However qualified students can learn the various systems of knife defense-fighting. The Military Police Dagger and KA-BAR Fighting Knife Systems are taught to a restricted general public. In addition certain edged weapon and impact item disciplines are also taught in self-defense courses. Military and Law Enforcement Knife Systems are closed to the public.

For additional information about the Tactical Knife Military and Law Enforcement Systems contact our email site. We offer to the general public many various courses in self defense using edged weapons. From the lowly 3.5" blade length pocket folder to a 3' two handed sword. Learn many variations of the edged weapon including martial art forms to full contact knockout knife boxing. We can and do tailor our programs to the student not to the class size or the all-mighty dollar. What you learn here can and will save your life depend on it~~~

Information about Ka-Bar
Information about Dha (coming soon)
Information about Dagger
Information about Kukri (coming soon)

USA BANDO offers classes in all edged weapons either here in Athens Ohio, your place-town or anywhere. Customers are encouraged to contact us for discount prices and availability on our large selection of edged and stick weapons which can be bought at discount prices. Our Special Project prices are for any current fire and police officers, military personal, emergency crews or people with vendors licenses. Beginning March 2006 American Knives "Instructor Series" fighting-utility knives will be available to purchase. We sell the highly customized factory knives for $150.00. The modified fighters have been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq and one is currently being tested by a Marine Corp 2nd Lt. in the United States. One special made "Instructor Series 7" fighter served in Kirkuk Iraq with U.S Army corporal Ben Riley. After serving a horrorible 13 months in Kirkuk Riley went on over 650 combat missions with his troop and men in black Ben brought back the knife with a special addition of the silk like fine sand of the Iraq desert.. Riley will be returning back to Athens Ohio after his near discharge from the U.S. Army before the end of Feb.. 2006. See our photo section on the "Instructor Series" knives.

Contact us for clinic times, locations and costs about training or purchasing edged weapons.

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